Is your customer data in one system and your documents in another? Not for long. Vycunia integrates your document management with your CRM system, so that you can quickly and easily add and organize documents in your customer file. 

One plus one is... one! 

If your CRM system is separate from your document management software, you're not alone. Although this division is not recommended: if you want to add documents to a customer file, in many cases this division means duplication of work, or loss of time. 

With Vycunia, we bridge the gap between the two systems, so that you can

  • Consult documents without leaving the CRM 

  • Import and organize documents integrally

  • Have an integrated view on all devices, including mobile devices.

All your customer information and documents in one place thanks to Vycunia

From turnkey solution to adapted to your specific needs 

Vycunia's standard package links MS Dynamics to SharePoint. This allows us to easily design an integration for other web-based systems, tailored to your company. 


Storing becomes very easy


No more duplication of work


No more split screens