Document Workflow

After recognition comes processing

Enormous amounts of documents have to find their way to different people or teams in your company. Each action has a specific consequence, often with a deadline.

In a fantasy world, all of this is quickly and correctly followed up by each party involved and every task, activity or document races through all the phases.

Do you also have that sceptical look on your face right now?
It really is possible however, by automating your business processes.

Why make it difficult when it could be so easy?

Monitoring tasks, automatic reminders, real-time reporting to detect bottlenecks and live status updates are just a few of the features that make your employees' lives much more enjoyable.

With RecoMatics' EasyForm Workflow, we reduce your costs and increase your productivity.


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Tailored to your business

Each company has its own procedures and unique rules so a workflow can be used for countless applications such as:

  • Approval or rejection of invoices and credit notes

  • Postal distribution within an organisation

  • Application, approval and dispatch of vouchers

  • Submission and approval of expense reports

  • Quality control procedures and ISO standards

  • Division of tasks within teams

  • Follow-up and steering of procurement procedures

  • ...

Avoid following up your workflow in spreadsheets and via e-mail. Go with RecoMatics for a digital solution that saves you time, money, effort and frustration.


Less mistakes


More control & overview


Faster turnaround

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