Document Recognition

Manage your document flow in the right direction

The documents that are fired at you as a company every day, make it difficult for information to flow through effectively. Processing, storing and verifying transfer forms and delivery documents takes a lot of time - not to mention the percentage that remains undetected in oblivion. 

Luckily automated document recognition makes it easier to recognise large volumes of documents and reduces the risk of human error.  

A challenging working environment 

1 in 5 of your staff indicates that they are bored at work. Annoying tasks lead to less concentration and more mistakes, especially in the case of donkey work. By automating your document processing, you reduce cut-and-paste work and increase both the satisfaction and profitability of your employees.

20% of your employees find document processing tedious and monotonous.

From bite-sized to challenge

With technologies such as OCR and ICR, document recognition software can recognize and process both typed and handwritten texts. RecoMatics’s EasyForm Capture is the basis for a number of off-the-shelf solutions.

From transport documents, to work orders and even cattle passports: it's only here that we become really enthusiastic about challenges. So don't worry if the type of document you are looking to have a solution for does not yet exist on our list of achievements. We are happy to look for a solution that fits your company's needs.  

All our solutions are completely platform-independent and can be integrated with your ERP, CRM or other back-end system. 


You don't lose any data


Boost work satisfaction in your teams


Minimize margins of error