Digitalise Service Vouchers

Processing service cheques at cruising speed !

Yes, we offer you a way to process service cheques very fast.

The future is digital.

Cliché, that's true, and yet 40% of service cheques are still issued on paper. Processing these paper vouchers takes a lot of time. For each copy, a careful check must be made to ensure that there are no typographical errors and that the vouchers have been signed correctly. Only when the service vouchers have been verified, will the household helpers be paid correctly.

A complete solution for the management of your paper service cheques.

The complete solution covers a range of devices to count or scan the documents.



With a speed of up to 1800 doc/min, your stacks of documents are counted at a glance.


Scanners ensure that stacks of documents are digitised and sorted at light speed. The scanners are equipped with a printer and can thus print the approval number and the name of the company as well as the national register number and the name of the employee.

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The processing of paper service vouchers is done via our fully automated software, with lots of functionality:

  • Reading in the handwritten date

  • Check that the cheque has been signed by the customer and the employee 

  • Check whether the correct type of service was ticked

  • Control of the expiry date

  • OCR and ICR recognition