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Digital working: a must

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more jobs were done remotely: at home, on the train, at a customer's, ... However, the importance of technology is now more obvious than ever and a massive switchover to digital solutions is a fact.

When things go smoothly, working remotely means saving time, happy employees, satisfied customers and a safe environment. But if you don't have the right tools, you lose time and competitiveness. Digitisation is therefore no longer a buzzword, it is a necessity.

Innovate and stay current, with the digital solutions of RecoMatics.

Businesses today are confronted with a world where digital is perhaps the only way to work.

Peter Hinssen, Technologie-entrepreneur & author

The efficient, pleasant workplace exists

Do you want to make tasks simpler and faster? Do you want to save time and costs? Companies that digitise processes have a head start due to:

  • administrative simplification thanks to an integrated, paperless system;

  • increasing productivity through more efficient collaboration (internally and with the customer);

  • reduced operational costs through better use of time and resources;

  • increased competitiveness with lower costs and improved service.

Our digitisation delivers results, not endless processes. Adapted to your needs, we provide user-friendly, innovative and flexible solutions that make your workplace efficient and pleasant.


Get everything out of Office 365

You’ve purchased the Office 365 license for your company. The first step towards efficient digital collaboration has been taken, well done! Now it's time to make all the possibilities work for you.

Our Office 365 specialists will answer all your (small and big) questions so that your employees can enjoy an optimal digital workplace.


Discover how the right digital approach really makes a difference for our customers.

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Revitalise your growth

Think of all the documents that arrived at your company this week, were sent or circulated internally. Are invoices, orders, contracts and more on paper or pdf? Then it will cost your employees a lot of time to process data manually. Moreover, papers get lost a lot of the time.

RecoMatics' digital solutions recognise business documents, extract the useful information from them and ensure that it ends up in the right place in your business systems - from accounting, to hr, sales or any other department. And that benefits your entire business.

Digitise your business processes with RecoMatics

RecoMatics stands for digitisation solutions with results. Only when everything works for you, our job is done.

  • Ready for the long term:
    we develop solutions with an eye towards the future. Thoroughly substantiated and easy to update or expand.

  • Adapted to your needs:
    the emphasis is on your challenges, not on a single technology or standard solution. Rely on a total system that brings simplicity and results together.

  • Always close at hand:
    our team has been working closely with customers all over Belgium and abroad for 25 years. Do you have a question? Then the answer is just one phone call away.

Count on us. Together we determine the ideal route for your digitisation.

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