Digital Invoice Processing

Move your focus from booking invoices to the heart of the matter 

The good news is that invoices make the switch from paper to your screen. But processing them still costs your company a lot of time and money - between 11 and 40 euros per invoice, according to various studies. An additional problem: because invoices are often lost, accountants often are as much on the phone as they are working their numbers. 

With our solution for invoice processing, you book invoices easily and automatically and endless searches are a thing of the past. 

No more hide-and-seek games 

Despite the rise of digital invoice processing such as E-voicing and EDI, human intervention is still necessary to process invoices correctly. Unfortunately, this also means that invoices often disappear into oblivion and efficiency is hard to find. 

Manual processing of invoices costs your company between 11 and 40 euros each

With our solution for digital invoice processing

  • Digital and paper invoices are automatically recognized and organized
  • You reduce the workload for your administrative staff. 
  • You integrate your invoices seamlessly into your own accounting platform 

A smart combo 

For a total solution of your digital invoice processing, we combine two of our plug-and-play products: 

Safe and affordable 

With our digital invoice processing solutions, you don't have to worry about how and where to store confidential invoices. We work completely ERP-independent, which means that our software fits perfectly into your existing system. And because you can also use our software as a cloud service, the security of your data becomes even cheaper.


A professional image to customers and suppliers


Cost-efficient protection of sensitive data 


More time to focus on the core of your business

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