Advanced search will lead you to your goal much faster

SharePoint is the document storage service behind OneDrive and Teams. We use this pillar within the Office 365 landscape to give processed documents a secure place within your digital archive. 


The extensive search options take you straight to where you need to be, although we are happy to build on them so that we can fine-tune your search options for each domain. Because you know, just like we do, that looking for an invoice is not the same as looking into the latest sales presentation. Right?

That's why you can now count on a visual version of the search, called 'file view'. At a glance, you can see all the documents that belong to a particular file. Suppose you type in the name of a customer, then you get to see all the related information about that customer, grouped by theme: customer file, invoices, transport files and more. This feels much more logical and ensures that you arrive at what you are looking for more quickly.

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