6 products, 6 times digital

EasyForm Capture 

EasyForm Capture is the funnel that turns your document flow into structured data. Thanks to the different modules of the software, paper and electronic documents are correctly read, classified and exported to your own systems. And all this with minimal human effort. 


EasyForm Workflow 

Documents often go a long way within your company. An order or invoice must be approved by the right people. A contract first goes to the legal department, gets some comments on it, is modified and finally signed by the boss. With EasyForm Workflow, we automate every process and ensure that documents find their way within your team. 


EasyForm Invoice Processing

For many companies, invoices represent the largest share of the daily flow of documents. That's why we created a ready-made solution that processes your incoming invoices, with the ability to adapt everything to the specific needs of your company. 


Digital Mail Assistant

Does your team also waste a lot of time archiving attachments? You don't have to download documents from mails, upload them into the archive and add metadata yourself. With our Digital Mail Assitant, the days of cutting and pasting are over forever, and we integrate document storage where you need it. 


Production Scanners & Counting Machines

There's a good chance that your company is receiving more and more documents digitally - although you're probably a long way from a paperless office. We'll be happy to help you speed up the process. Thanks to our partnership with Kodak Alaris and others, we have the right scanners & counting machines for your digital transformation.