Production Scanners & Counting Machines

There's a good chance that your company is receiving more and more documents digitally - although you're probably a long way from a paperless office. We'll be happy to help you accelerate the process with the help of the right production scanners & counters for your digital transformation.

Production scanners for documents

The path of digitisation is still often via a scanner, and the average office device is slow and inefficient.


Fortunately, thanks to our partnership with Kodak Alaris, we are able to supply robust production scanners that are resistant to

  • Large volumes of documents 

  • High working speed 

  • Complicated tasks and document types 

  • The test of time

Scanners en counting machines for service vouchers


Reliable scanning of vouchers at high speeds in the blink of an eye.



  • Efficient batch processing with paper feed for up to 400 documents

  • Minimize errors with reliable character recognition technologies including simultaneous optical character reading (OCR)

  • Maintain optimal accuracy by aligning stacks of cheques with the built-in jogger at the touch of a button

  • Print out envelopes while scanning with the built-in imprinter

  • Sort documents by type, date, value, etc...


Counting entire stacks of vouchers or counting preset batches at speeds of 500 to 1800 documents per minute saves a lot of time.

Combined with our EasyForm software, the processing of paper service cheques is fully automated, with plenty of powerful functionality:

  • Reading in the handwritten date

  • Check that the cheque has been signed by the customer and the employee

  • Check whether the correct type of service was ticked

  • Control of the expiry date

  • OCR and ICR recognition