Kodak Alaris Scanners

Production Scanners 

There's a good chance that your company is receiving more and more documents digitally - although you're probably a long way from a paperless office. We'll be happy to help you speed up the process. Thanks to our partnership with Kodak Alaris, we have the right scanners for your digital transformation. 

The path of digitisation is still often through a scanner, and the average office device is slow and inefficient

Not just any scanner 

The path of digitization usually runs through a scanner, but the average office machine would spontaneously go up in smoke when seeing the mountain of paper that awaits it. Not to mention the person who is allowed to fill the document drawer. 


Fortunately, thanks to our partnership with Kodak Alaris, we are able to supply solid scanners that are resistant to

  • Large volumes of documents 
  • A high working speed 
  • Complicated tasks and document types 
  • The ravages of time 

Our scanners 

At RecoMatics, we sell and rent out high-quality scanners of various caliber, in cooperation with Kodak Alaris. Do you wonder which device offers an answer to the challenges of your company? 


At your service

In addition to our equipment, RecoMatics also offers first line support and maintenance contracts. This allows you to extend the life of your device considerably. And no, your device does not even have to be purchased from us.


Save time and money


Count on a device that lasts longer


Rent, and you save the investment

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