EasyForm Workflow


Documents often go a long way within your company. An order or invoice must be approved by the right people. A contract first goes to the legal department, gets some comments on it, is modified and finally signed by the boss. With EasyForm Workflow, we automate every process and ensure that documents find their way within your team. 

Make your processes more efficient and 100% digital with EasyForm Workflow

Get your documents flowing 

EasyForm Capture recognizes your documents, but that's where it starts to get really interesting. The EasyForm Workflow software ensures that documents reach the right person at the right time, so that they can flow seamlessly through your company. 

Digital Assistant  

Actually, EasyForm Work works like a digital assistant. By determining which steps in the approval process, which rules apply and who is involved, your personal assistant no longer has to walk from desk to desk (and neither do you). 

  • Automatically follow up on deadlines
  • No more losing documents 
  • Keep your finger on the pulse thanks to reporting 

EasyForm Workflow helps to digitise and optimise repetitive processes within your organisation. This allows your team to focus on other tasks - such as organising the company barbecue, for example. 

The advantages 

Increased productivity

  • Procedures are better complied with
  • Quickly expose bottlenecks in the process
  • Remove repetitive tasks
  • Strengthen team collaboration