EasyForm Invoice Processing

EasyForm for Invoice Processing

For many companies, invoices represent the largest share of the daily flow of documents. That's why we created a ready-made solution that processes your incoming invoices, with the ability to adapt everything to the specific needs of your company. 

We gave RecoMatics our objectives. And were impressed by their proven technology and experience.

Marnix Verhegghe - Head of Accounting & Treasury Floré Group

More about the Floré use case

Companies in evolution 

Companies are constantly evolving, always looking for more efficiency and profitability. Growing administration often puts a brake on this growth, but with automated invoice processing you can already alleviate a lot of worries. 

EasyForm Business

For the most common requirements of your Accounts Payable process, you can count on our EasyForm Business, a plug-and-play solution that automates your invoice processing.

  • Easy to install 

  • Rapidly deployable 

  • Extended functionality 

  • Including training and documentation

EasyForm Enterprise

Is your invoice processing not standard? That's why we also have an Easyform Enterprise edition, in which our starter is adapted to your company's needs. 

  • The same basic functionalities as the EasyForm Business

  • Extended analysis phase 

  • Implementation tailored to your company

  • Expandable with additional modules


Keep up with the growth of your company 

This solution is ideal for companies that want to merge data from different systems, such as an acquisition or internal change. Because EasyForm Invoice Processing, like our other products, is platform-independent, it can bring together data from different ERP and back-end systems, without wasting time or data.

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