Digital Mail Assistant

The bridge between Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint

A lot of information from your clients, suppliers and colleagues is exchanged via your Outlook mailbox. The way you handle these emails and attachments might differ from your colleagues. Sometimes they are printed and archived, sometimes they are saved locally or on a public drive. And very often the information just stays in your local mailbox.

And even when your company has adopted SharePoint best practices, it remains a hassle for you to upload emails or attachments with the right metadata into your SharePoint environment.

The consequence is that important information is hard to find by you or your colleagues, or that different versions of a single piece of information float around in your organisation.

Our Digital Mail Assistant add-in is like the Marie Kondo of your mailbox: it creates order and peace.

A powerful add-in for Microsoft Outlook

The RecoMatics Digital Mail Assistant is a powerful Outlook add-in that allows users to add their emails and attachments to the correct digital file or dossier, without having to leave their familiar Outlook user interface.

The user should not worry about where to store the information. The Digital Mail Assistant will take care of this in the background and will store the email or attachment in the correct location and with the necessary metadata.

Classification and metadata are auto-completed or selected by the user. And by adding smart AI and data extraction technology, the Digital Mail Assistant becomes self-learning and it will make smart suggestions to the user by capturing and interpreting email attributes.

Key Features

  • Cloud solution

  • Generic for any context or business

  • Works within the Outlook UI, no need to switch to SharePoint

  • Integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and Teams

  • Possibility to include smart AI and capture technology


Smart and timesaving


Productivity booster


Increases adoption of SharePoint and document management best practices


Important email information becomes searchable and accessible


Reduces duplicate information


Full search capabilities of SharePoint are leveraged