Digital Mail Assistant

Does your team also waste a lot of time archiving attachments? You don't have to download documents from mails, upload them into the archive and add metadata yourself. With our Digital Mail Assistant for Outlook add-in, the days of cutting and pasting are over forever, and we integrate document storage where you need it.

No more cutting and pasting 

Chances are that mailboxes within your company are the main protagonist in the exchange of data. Dragging files takes time and effort, with the result that documents all too often get stuck in individual mailboxes. Result? A lot of time is lost and a jungle of folders in separate mailboxes. 

Our Digital Mail Assistant add-in is like the Marie Kondo of your mailbox: it creates order and peace.


With our add-in for Outlook, that jungle is a thing of the past. Our application makes it possible to:

  • Centralize storage of files and e-mails 
  • Label documents
  • Assign metadata 
  • Automate the process, thanks to machine learning 

And all this without leaving your mailbox


Better central storage 


Less time loss 


A tidy mailbox 

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