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The customer 

As part of METRO Cash & Carry and METRO Group, Makro is part of a global retail chain, with six Makro and nine Metro stores in Belgium alone. 

The problem: processing invoices is a big deal

With a total of 3 legal entities, 6 hypermarkets, 9 wholesalers and 150 users, processing invoices is no easy task. After automating their goods invoices, Makro also sought a solution for processing their 25,000 cost and investment invoices per year. The starting point? Invoices are entered and approved at the level of the order - and not the goods.

Thanks to more efficient invoice processing, our accounting team can now concentrate on their core tasks, thus upgrading their function.

Jurgen Mesens, Financial & Accounting manager


The solution: from purchase to invoice in the blink of an eye

We combined several EasyForm modules with SharePoint to process all cost invoices fully automatically. The first step is to enter the order request online, the last step is a scan of the invoice, which is immediately linked to the purchase order. By centralising all these steps, the monitoring of costs and budget has now become a lot easier.

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