Digitalisation purchase orders and invoices

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The customer

EIT Digital is a knowledge and information community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). EIT is a EU body created by the European Union to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate.

The problem: processing of purchase orders and invoices

RecoMatics was contacted to help EIT Digital solve the inefficient and labor-intensive process of handling purchase orders and supplier invoices. The new solution had to be compliant with the EIT reporting and controlling requirements.

The solution: automatically process and approve various document types

RecoMatics implemented EasyForm, a smart solution that automates the creation and approval of purchase orders, through integration with EIT Digital's ERP system. EasyForm also scans the incoming invoices, automatically extracts the data and then sends it to the accounting system. Furthermore, EasyForm automatically matches the received invoices to the correct purchase orders and order data.

The approval process of both purchase orders and invoices is now 100% digital and mobile. And all documents, metadata and workflow information are safely stored in SharePoint Online, allowing user-friendly and powerful search and find capabilities.

The intuitive approvalsupport makes our team's job more pleasant. Thanks to the clear way purchase orders and accompanying invoices are presented, we comply completely with the reporting and controlling requirements.

Constant Smits, Chief Operating Officer

Key advantages

  • Reduced workload and cost savings

  • Higher operational efficiency

  • Data security

  • Real-time insight, audit trail and reporting

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