Digitalisation of Service Vouchers

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The customer 

AAXE is a service voucher company for domestic workers, with offices in various municipalities of Brussels. 

The problem: time-consuming paper service vouchers

The future is digital. Cliché, that's true, and yet 40% of service cheques are still issued on paper. Processing these paper vouchers takes a lot of time. For each copy, a careful check must be made to ensure that there are no typographical errors and that the vouchers have been signed correctly. Only when the service vouchers have been verified, will the household helpers be paid correctly. In order to work more efficiently and reduce the workload, AAXE was therefore looking for a way to automate the processing of service vouchers. 

The advanced recognition by EasyForm was of course very important. The cooperation between RecoMatics and our own IT people was also very pragmatic, so the integration with our proprietary system happened quickly and smoothly.

André de Sauvage, CEO


The solution: a smart scanner and ditto APIs

At AAXE we installed a dedicated scanner that automatically checks, sorts and processes service vouchers. Thanks to the combination of different EasyForm modules, the correct data such as the value, expiry date and the performance code on the voucher are automatically recognized and forwarded to the customer's internal system. This also goes fast, up to 190 vouchers per minute. In addition, the performance of the domestic workers is automatically linked to the planning system and the wage processing. 

Sodexo and a dozen other service providers also rely on EasyForm. 

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