Digitalisation of paper stack

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The customer 

Our partner Civadis is a supplier of software solutions to local, French-speaking authorities such as police districts and municipalities. 

The problem: piles of paper invoices 

In addition to le pain, le vin et le boursin, French-speaking authorities still work with many paper documents to this day. In order to optimize their operation, local authorities are therefore looking for ways to digitize their paper stack. Invoices form a large part of this stack, and the correct recognition of the essential data such as amount and the correct VAT regime is something that needs to be handled very carefully.


The solution: read and organise scanned data

As a RecoMatics partner, Civadis offers local authorities the opportunity to use EasyForm Capture. This software ensures correct recognition of scanned documents and transmits the correct data to linked internal systems, such as an accounting system.

In addition to this plug-and-play solution, we also provided Civadis with the necessary training. Now Civadis installs EasyForm Capture itself at their end customers, and they serve as first aid in case of invoice accidents. Currently, 75 end customers use EasyForm Capture through our partner.

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