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The customer 

Hamann International Logistics is a European supplier of business-to-business logistics services, with offices in Belgium and the Netherlands.  

The problem: 700,000 paper documents per year

Hamann International Logistics came to us with the request to guide them to a paperless office. Until then, they had printed literally every document, from transport files to personnel documents and e-mails. With a volume of 200,000 transport files and more than 700,000 documents per year, Hamann faced the enormous challenge of digitizing existing documents and creating a user-friendly structure for the future. 

The transition from 'everything on paper' to 'fully digital' was a major challenge. The ergonomic view of the digital file and the speed with which documents can be placed in a file have had a major impact on the acceptance of the system by the file managers. At their own request, the other departments within Hamann International Logistics now wish to start working with digital files as soon as possible.

Peter De Groote, ICT Manager


The solution: digital working environment

By combining our EasyForm technologies with SharePoint, we have succeeded in systematically reducing the Hamann paper mountain and setting up a digital working environment for all employees. All communication between Hamann and the customer regarding a transport is now neatly arranged in the digital archive and supplemented with transport documents such as CMR, ADR, packing slip, shipping notes and customs documents. 

Every document that Hamann generates itself now contains a barcode with the file number. Through integration with the existing backend systems, such as the Transport Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), these digital documents are easily linked to existing and new files.

The result?

A halving of the use of paper and the manual work required for the processing of all these documents. 

In the meantime, we have expanded the solution for Hamann to also manage claims, HR documents and fleet and insurance documents.

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