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The customer

Companies, organisations and local authorities that process and distribute incoming mail internally.

The problem: stacks of envelopes, bulging mailboxes

Today, a considerable amount of our communication is digital. We send files via email, share our documents in the cloud via Dropbox or OneDrive, distribute messages and opinions via social media, transfer personal information via various mobile apps, communicate with customer departments via Chatbots, and so on. And despite this variety of digital communication channels, a lot of paper-based mail continues to flow into businesses and organisations on a daily basis. So both paper and digital mail still have to be processed and distributed in the organisation.


The solution: multi-channel import and automation with machine learning

With the EasyForm Capture platform, RecoMatics offers a wide range of possibilities for digitising incoming mail and distributing it more quickly within the company or organisation. So forget about manual sorting and dividing it into separate trays.

Multi-channel import ensures that the mail is processed directly, both on paper and in digital form, via various input channels.

Our modules that make use of artificial intelligence take care of automatic classification, sorting, data extraction and routing.

Thanks to machine learning, the automatic processing is adjusted and optimised. This increases the accuracy of the automatic processing.

Advantages are:

  • All mail regardless of its origin (paper or digital) is efficiently processed via 1 system
  • Documents are directly included in the digital system so that a perfect overview and follow-up is possible
  • Time savings through automatic classification, data extraction and distribution

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