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The customer

Floré distributes flowers and plants throughout Europe and is market leader as a link between producer and retail in horticulture.

The problem: streamlining 40,000 invoices per year

With 15 companies in four European countries, you know that accounting is not going to be a simple story. The challenge becomes all the greater when you add that invoices arrive at ten postal locations before they are sent to the administration in Lochristi - sometimes by post, sometimes digitally. 40,000 invoices a year from 2,000 different suppliers, that's a mountain of material to process. The challenge: to digitise the flow and streamline the flow. 

The digitisation of the invoice flow and the integration with SAP have increased efficiency.

The solution: automatically read invoices with EasyForm

Whether invoices arrive today from a scanner or directly in a mailbox, EasyForm Capture picks them up, edits the digital image and recognizes the invoices as coming from vendor X or Y. Step 2: the system extracts all relevant information from the invoice, from the amount to the VAT number. Step 3: this information is forwarded to Floré's SAP system, where everything is automatically booked

All this without losing control, because every invoice goes through a digital flow where it can be approved. Only after the green light is it automatically booked into SAP and paid for. In this way, Floré reduced the turnaround time per invoice by 40%. Where studies talk about an amount between 11 and 40 euros per processing of a single invoice, we have reduced that amount to less than 1 euro each. 

Mission accomplished.

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