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The customer

Construction site project developers and architectural firms that design on an industrial scale.

The problem: piles of paper

Anyone who manages large industrial projects or construction sites knows that they are accompanied by large files under their arms. Documents pile up in files and filing cabinets, in the office and on site, in mailboxes and somewhere lost among everything else. Of course, you could solve a lot with a shared folder somewhere in the cloud. We are the last to state the opposite.

But what if there is still room for improvement? What if you no longer had to upload your own documents and you can easily manage the access of everyone in the project?


The solution: one central digital file in the cloud

Starting from SharePoint and Planner, we build one central file for each project that always displays the very latest information, whether you are on the site or at the drawing board of the architect.

Using our Digital Mail Assistant for Outlook that recognizes attachments, building plans, orders, technical sheets and other documents are automatically stored in the right place. You can also upload a photo from the site with your smartphone, or add an AutoCad sketch via drag and drop.

So you can be completely paperless on site: even if you're offline, you have all the information you need on your smartphone or tablet. A whole desk that fits perfectly in your pocket.

The advantages

  • One version of the truth: for each construction project there is a central digital file. No separate archives or copies.

  • Speed: documents are not lost and can always be consulted online or offline.

  • Efficiency: all documents relating to the construction site are accessible to everyone within the company involved in the project.

  • Accessibility: external parties (architects, engineering offices, etc.) can also have access to the file.

  • Mobility: the information is accessible from any location and any device.

It's intuitive and smart

  • Cloud-based. Fully integrated with Office 365 apps and services such as Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, ... but also OneNote (for site reports) and Planner (for tasks).

  • Combined with industry-leading OCR recognition so that documents can be searched on the entire content of the document.

  • Automated creation of new project files.

  • Users can assign documents directly to the right project via Outlook.

  • Support for all kinds of documents: order forms, delivery notes, invoices, technical sheets, manuals, plans and diagrams, ...

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