Working from Home: Top 5 Tips

A lot of  home working tips are flying around. Here is our top 5 on how to be and stay productive at home:

1. Set up a designated workspace.


There's only a few people that can work productively from the couch or bed. Set-up a space where you can work effectively.

  • A physical workspace

Take the time to set up a workspace that is comfortable and where you can work effectively. Consider proper lighting and good ergonomics. Minimize distraction (noise or clutter) and disruption. It can be challenging with others home as well.

  • A virtual workspace:

Use the best connection. A wired connection is best, if possible. To securely access internal resources and work with confidential data, you might need to connect via VPN or remote desktop. When local internet is experiencing high usage, you might use mobile apps as an alternative. 

2. No pyjama's please.


Get ready for the day as if your were heading to the office or a face-to-face meeting

  • While the thought of working in your pj’s without judgment might sound nice, they aren’t exactly professional attire — nor will they put your mind in “work mode.” It’s a researched fact people, no matter what profession they’re in, perform tasks better when they wear clothes that have “symbolic meaning.”

  • Also, looking well-groomed and presentable will save you from the hassle of rushing to get ready each time an impromptu video meeting comes up.

3. Don’t miss a beat using the best of technology.


Communicate often: make it a habit to connect frequently with your colleagues and customers.

  • Stay connected to each other making full use of your webcam. Noticing facial expressions will help to increase connection and understanding. It helps you to be present and engaged in remote meetings.

  • Use Microsoft Teams (like we do) for virtual meetings, chats and shared documents to make rogress. Use it also for ongoing conversations or dedicated to fun: share news, pictures, gifs, emojies.

  • With Microsoft Teams you can blur your background to minimize distractions and protect you privacy. Point the camera so your eyes are circa 2/3 up the screen and your face is visible.

  • Share content your audience needs to see with screen sharing, and work to edit in real time (also with Microsoft Teams).

  • “Huddle” together virtually with quick meetings to get everyone on the same page quickly.

4. Set structure and boundaries.


It’s easy to get distracted by personal matters when you’re working from home, because you’re so much more accessible to people outside of your worklife.

  • Apply a consistent schedule that you’re strict about, be clear with your partner, friends or those you live with about your work schedule. 

  • Don’ forget to take breaks. It can be difficult to remember to take breaks. Use your calendar to turn meals and breaks into appointments so you get regular reminders.

5. Check-in with (you and) others.


Set yourself a reminder to check in with people regularly. But also check in with yourself and be mindful of how you are feeling.

  • Make up for missing hallway talk or coffee break conversation by using chat messages or calling.

  • Block time on your calendar for exercise and fresh air—or just time to step away from your workspace.

  • In-house sports is also possible thanks to various online programs and apps.

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