Office 365 requires update to version Office 2016

Office 365 requires update to version Office 2016

Since 13 October 2020, O365 only supports the Office 2016 version. An update is therefore required if you are still working with the Office 2013 version. In this blog we'll go over the impact for your company and our advice.

What will change?

A nice feature of Office 365 is the storage of documents in SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Not only can you edit these documents from the browser, but also from the desktop applications of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ... without having to download the document first.
This way you can easily work with colleagues on the same document and share it and the document will be saved automatically on a regular basis.

Previously O365 supported the Office 2013 and 2016 versions.
Since Tuesday 13 October 2020, only Office 2016 will be supported.

Consequences for your company

Since 13 October, users are still able to use Office 2013 but you may experience connectivity issues to O365. Initially this will be minimal but as time goes on, new features launched within the O365 environment will not be accessible to users of Office 2013. Issues may also arise in in terms of security and compliance.

Our advice

Switch to using the Office 2016 desktop applications on all your devices as soon as possible. This is very easy to do because your O365 license allows any user to install the latest version of Office.

So check which version you and your colleagues are currently working with and take a moment to install the free update. This way you will always be able to enjoy everything O365 has to offer!

Source: Microsoft

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