Apps that use your server space in a smarter way

The race to the cloud is unstoppable, and the evolutions are going incredibly fast. As a Microsoft Partner, we focus on the Azure Cloud Platform. Besides the Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning, we are also experts in the field of hosting and storage possibilities. Because if there is one thing that is clear, it is that the cloud ensures that 'the sky' no longer rhymes with 'the limit'.


The possibilities are almost endless. The serverless model, for example, makes it easy to scale, without worrying about capacity or sky-high costs. That's why we work with a serverless application to host our Digital Mail Assistant. It grows with the number of users who work with it 'now'. Simple, and highly efficient.


Docker and Kubernetes / AKS, on the other hand, provide the optimal conditions to offer our EasyForm Capture and EasyForm Workflow in the cloud. These applications further disconnect concrete hardware from the associated software, which creates an interesting dynamic. 

Cloud and on-premise work in harmony and become a hybrid setup in which cloud services are only called up when they are needed - although you can also entrust a defined part of your process to the cloud. In any case, this tactic will help you get the best out of both environments. Saves costs and effort, in other words.

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