Automated invoice processing for CODA

Automated invoice processing integrated with your Unit4 Coda environment

RecoMatics offers affordable and efficient solutions to extend your Unit4 Coda software with automated digital invoice processing. EasyForm processes all incoming paper and digital invoices and applies intelligent recognition with machine learning to eliminate manual duplication and data entry of invoice data.

With our EasyForm connector for Coda, both cost invoices and purchase invoices are automatically booked into your Coda system and the invoice is available as a PDF. The following scenarios are supported:

  • Registration of cost invoice in Coda intray

  • Booking of cost invoice in Coda books

  • Matching of purchase invoice in Purchase Invoice Match (PIM) module from Coda


  • Seamless integration with Coda for both cost and purchase invoices.

  • Different scenarios are supported: from registration to final booking, collection of analytical information and approval via digital workflow.

  • Each invoice can be consulted digitally from Coda.

  • Based on Coda web services.


  • No more paper-based processing: digital invoices are processed automatically, paper invoices are scanned upon receipt and processed digitally.

  • Fully digital archive: every invoice can be consulted digitally from Coda.

  • Possibility to expand with digital workflow for collecting analytical information and approval for payment.

  • Fast invoice processing and 100% digital. No more lost invoices.

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